Rite Cleanse FAQ

Q: Can I place the dispenser outside?

Yes. The dispenser is made of stainless steel. 

Q: Is the dispenser durable?

Absolutely. There are no plastic parts that tend to break with use.

Q: I’ve seen pictures of your dispensers with logos on them.  Can they be ordered with my logo?     

Yes, you can. Rite Cleanse offers a customized styrene wrap that can include your logo and a statement or phrase. This can draw attention to the sanitation station as well as show that your organization is taking steps to mitigate the spread of germs.


Q: Does the dispenser need electric or battery power?

No electric nor battery power is needed to operate the dispenser.   It is operated by a hydraulic foot pump at the base of the dispenser.  Hand touching is not a part of using the dispenser, except to apply the sanitizer.


Q: How much does the dispenser weigh?

Without the sanitizer container the dispenser unit weighs 35 pounds.  With its wide base and virtually all of its weight at the bottom the dispenser is stable and very unlikely to tip over.  Other units have the sanitizer fluid at the top of the stand making tipping over far more likely.

Q: We’ve seen long delivery times for dispensers, especially coming from China.  Can you assure prompt delivery times?

Absolutely.  The dispenser offered by Rite Cleanse is manufactured in the U.S. and is usually available to ship in 7-10 days after the order is placed.


Q: The CDC has said that an alcohol level of less than 70% is ineffective. What is the alcohol level of your sanitizer?

The sanitizer offered by Rite Cleanse is a minimum of 70% alcohol content.


Q: Do you offer sanitizer is scented and unscented?

Yes, scented and unscented sanitizer is available.  We believe the unscented is the best option.


Q: In what size containers is the sanitizer available?

Sanitizer is available is quantities of 1, 3, 5- and 10-gallon containers.  In addition, smaller and larger quantities are also available upon request.


Q: What type of alcohol is used in your sanitizer?

Only ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol are used in our products offered.  No methyl alcohol is used.


Q: What is the shelf life of the sanitizer offered?

How the sanitizer is stored has significant influence upon shelf life.  To maximize shelf life storing in a cool, dry location is recommended.  When any sanitizer is stored at temperatures above 105 F, they begin to lose their effectiveness.              


Q: We’ve heard that sanitizer has become difficult to obtain.  Can you assure prompt delivery?

The sanitizer that we offer is manufactured at any of nine facilities across the U.S.  Availability is assured so you don’t run out.


Q: Is the sanitizer shipped by air?

Due to the alcohol content, the sanitizer is shipped by road.  This is one reason why having facilities across the U.S. is important to speed up delivery.


Q: Why does the sanitizer smell so strong when applied?

We were all used to sanitizer pre-Covid that had a lower alcohol content.  Since the CDC has said that alcohol content needs to be at least 70% to be effective, this gives a stronger smell when first applied.

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