Superior Products for Disinfecting Assurance 

1 gallon tank, 42"stand height, hands-free, foot pedal operated hand sanitizer dispensers with readily available sanitizer.

Customize-able. Stainless steel. Commercial grade.


Made in U.S.A.

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The founders of Rite Cleanse have over 100 combined years in the aviation industry and are determined to keep people and aircraft traveling safely around the world through the implementation of their superior sanitation products in airports across the US.


Provide an extra layer of cleanliness for customers and staff upon entering your business or restaurant with Rite Cleanse dispensers and sanitizer. Hands-free & foot-operated, allows for a quicker application experience for everyone who walks in the door.


Rite Cleanse is determined to keep teachers and students healthy through implementing dispensers and sanitizers across school districts and universities across the country. Use upon entering classrooms, between classes, and for assemblies and after-school events.


Whether it's for an NFL Stadium or Little League Game, Rite Cleanse is committed to keeping your sports venue safe, clean, and operating. Did you know that a one gallon tank can dispense over 2,000 applications of sanitizer?